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When a homeowner is in the market to either expand or improve their current living accommdations or are actively pursuing a new construction project, it's largely in their best interest to shop around for not only supplies & materials, but for expertise and talent as well. For example, many of our neighboring communities in or around Davenport, Iowa have been experiencing a much welcomed stimulation to the economy, which in turn leads to opportunities to revamp or revitalize their family's home. Often beginning on a smaller scale such as a bathroom or kitchen, these remodeling projects typically evolve into more extensive endeavors. Regardless of what professional capacity needed either now or in the future, our seasoned teams are available around your schedule.

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Exclusive to BDS Construction, our construction process has been proven to not only be effective at adhering to scheduling as well as budgeting, it's also time-honored in the fact that it yields desirable results in each of it's implmentations. For instance, we take the necessary time and apply the necessary efforts to properly assess the job site, map out the project with a "pre-design" and assist with the required permitting to initiate the next construction phase of your project. After the mapping and design is approved and in order, we are also on standby to provide management of supplies & material procurement, thus guaranteeing an impressive finish as a direcet result of quality material application.

Professional Home Repairs

Much like our construction and renovation coverage, we are proud to offer extensive in-home repairs for the convenience of our customer base throughout Davenport, Iowa and the surrounding cities(Moline, Clinton, Maquoketa, Kewanee, etc.). Ranging from drywall or sheetrock repairs, to flooring & roofing, or maybe something in between, such as utility lines(gas, water, electrical) our licensed professionals are available to ensure that your home is safely and affordably repaired in very reasonable time-frame. As a means to compliment our home repair services, we are also skilled in several system inspections and the requirements they must meet in order to be considered commpletely optimal, energy-efficient, and above all else: SAFE.

Home Improvement: Renovations & Remodeling

We proudly offer all-inclusive remodeling services for our residential clients throughout Scott County, Iowa, including but not limited to: kitchens, bathrooms, garages, basements, patios, room additions, as well as room conversions.

Custom Kitchen Remodeling - The kitchen in any home is the place that embodies a camaraderie. This is where family and friends gather, breaks bread and solidifies their bonds or forge new ones. By that rationale, having your kitchen up to date, refreshing and most importantly, inviting, your entire household will reflect the values of a community. From breathtaking, personalized cabinetry to efficient space utilization design, BDS Construction, LLC is able to assist with all aspects of any kitchen remodeling project. If you’re seeking a qualified and established custom design firm to scope out a particular kitchen overhaul, aid with material procurement and design, or general overview and management of your kitchen renovation, search no further! Each project undertaken is treated with the same attention and passion as we would have for our own home.

Custom Bathroom Remodeling - Serenity, privacy and elegance are words that immediately come to mind when thinking of your bathroom or any potential remodel you may be considering. This is the room where you start and end your day, so it’s imperative that it provides much more than a toilet, shower, and a sink. Its understated importance is often lost or overlooked, but we here at BDS Construction, LLC believe the finer things regarding your bathroom remodel are essential. Exquisite cabinetry and tasteful placement during your renovation are a few among many of the perks of using BDS Construction, LLC for your current and future designs. Each and every bathroom remodel is properly measured, evaluated using our exclusive comprehensive project management process, much to the benefit of our clients.

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